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I'm Zac, and I was born and raised in Oxfordshire, England. Always looking for adventure, especially in the great outdoors, it's this passion for travel and adventure that created my love for photography. My photos aim to bring you a different view of the world and to tell the stories that come with it. By capturing the unique places I visit and the wildlife I get to see along the way, I aim to share all of this through the eye of a lens. I've travelled extensively around the globe in search of new adventures and different wildlife to tell the story of. My love for photography started like most; wanting to document my trips around the world. This soon shifted my focus to more landscape based work, as my desire to be in the mountains grew. Before too long I found myself almost solely working on wildlife, trying to combine the animals and the landscape they live in. Now with an ever increasing love of the polar regions, my mission is to be able to bring the tales from these remote places to a wider audience. Aiming to show the harsh conditions they occupy and the adventure that accompanies it.

Available for projects and collaborations; please get in touch below.

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Instagram: zacharytknowles 

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